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Creating Customer-Focused Organizations in a Multicultural World

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We love to obsess about your customers. Whether you’re in a mature market or one undergoing lots of change. Our goal is to help you grow your customer base, make sure they are delighted and keep coming back to buy, interact with and recommend you.

In today’s world, providing customer experience that simply meets expectations isn’t good enough. To grow, you need to have a deep understanding of what each of  your customers want at every stage of  their journey with you, from the awareness and discovery phase, to the purchase process to what happens post sale and beyond.  They each have influencers and barriers at every stage of their relationship lifecycle with you. Do you know what they are and where they encounter them? We will help you understand what’s important to them and uncover the obstacles they face doing business with you.

Reinforce Your Customer's Experience with Every Interaction

Treat customer experience as a valued competence. Every company has a customer experience ecosystem. Some good. Some bad. Usually inconsistent. Your ecosystem determines what customers think about you and how they feel about their experience. The sum of those experiences drive whether they do business with you, complain about you to many others, or refer and recommend you.

We help you understand the elements that are most important to each type of customer, where there are gaps and give you the tools to deliver beyond the experience they expect.

Beyond that, we utilize Baldrige Quality Excellence measures and tools to evaluate your voice of the customer (VOC) process and how you handle customer feedback…satisfiers and dissatisfiers.

Why Should You Care?

On average, there’s a 65% gap between the level of service experience corporations think they are delivering vs. what their customers say they are getting. We’ll help you avoid getting blindsided.

More importantly, we’ll help you identify opportunities. Often, it doesn’t take a big investment to yield big results.